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Thousand Oaks is a beautiful townhouse community 
located in the family friendly suburb of Lake Ridge, Virginia 
in Prince William County.  

Beautiful landscape

Beautiful Homes!

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Trash Rules.


Mondays = regular trash & large items only if called in by Friday of the previous week. 
No building or
construction items will be taken.  i.e.: doors, windows, plasterboard, etc.

Thursdays = regular trash & recyclables.

Trash Policy.
All trash must be in a covered container and placed in front of your house, at the curb, on the sidewalk, or if your sidewalk isn't by the curb please place the trash container in your parking space. Nothing is to be put on the common ground, by the mailboxes nor in front of any other house.
All grass, leaves and flower bushes must be bagged and placed at the curb.  Bushes and/or branches are to be tied in 3 - 4 foot lengths, and put at the curb.

General Items of Interest.  Click each link to access the information 

Virginia Foreclosure Prevention Task Force.   An organization created by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) to help homeowners struggling to keep up with loan payments.

Help for your Lawn and Garden. The County is an excellent resource to help you.  Contact the Master Gardener/Horticulture Help Line (703) 792-7747 or email  You can visit their office at the Virginia Cooperative Extension-Prince William, 8033 Ashton Ave, Suite 105, Manassas, VA 20109-8202 or online at


Thousand Oaks Townhouse Association

c/o MJF Associates

10692 Crestwood Drive

Manassas, Virginia 20109

703 369-6535