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TOTA Resident request for Pool Pass[es] Season.


Are you the:       OWNER?_____________  or do you    RENT?_____________


Please fill in the following information for your Pool Pass.

Return the form along with a 1 inch  by  1 inch  face picture

of each person listed to the Lifeguard on desk duty.


Your address:  _______________________________________________________________


    First Name                                 Last Name                                                     Birthdate                                                         




































Please supply applicant’s contact information.


Telephone #: _____________________________________________________________


e-Mail address:___________________________________________________________


Questions, please contact the Board of Directors at:

Property owner’s Waiver of Pool Rights, for  the Season. [____________] enter date


I, _________________________________________, owner of the above address, do

                      [please print name]

waive my rights to the pool.  Please allow my tenants, listed above, the privilege of using the pool in my stead.



                                [signature of owner]                    [owner’s telephone #]

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