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Meetings are held at the Lake Ridge Baptist Church, on Clipper Dr.

We meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 7:30PM, main level to the right.

Our December meeting is in the Fellowship Hall because it is the Annual Meeting for all the residents of Thousand Oaks.



Dear Residents & Owners,


We’d like to ask you for your help.  We receive suggestions & complaints, but no offers of help!


When you bought your property you received a “Disclosure Packet” which contained info on the community, as well as our “By-Laws”.  If you read the packet, you know that the community must have a Board of Directors to run it.  This is made up of volunteers from the community, people who have lives & jobs in addition to being on the Board.  The Board is made up of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Members-at-Large.  Ideally that would be a total of 9 people, plus people serving on several committees.  We should have a few committees taking care of parking, landscape & tot-lots, and the pool.  We have no committees!  


This Board of Directors is spread a little thin & is getting a bit worn out.  We would like to see some people step-up and volunteer to help their community.  It becomes a real hardship for the community if we don’t have a Board of Directors.  The following paragraph from our lawyers & outlines what happens should the current members leave:


“In the event that the Association does not have sufficient volunteers to comprise a Board of Directors, a court may appoint a receiver to administer the affairs of the Association.  The receiver would be paid an hourly fee to run the Association and would likely increase assessments to cover the shortfall and pursue aggressive collection tactics to collect unpaid assessments.   This means that owners who are currently paying their assessments on time would see a significant increase in their assessment amounts over the current assessment to cover the non-paying owners and the receiver’s hourly fee.  The receiver would also have absolute power over the affairs of the Association and the members’ right to vote would be taken away.  Receivership would also have a negative impact on the values of the homes in the Association and could affect resales. 

We encourage all members to volunteer in any way possible to support our community.”

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