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Board of Directors

The Thousand Oaks Townhouse Association Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at Lake Ridge Baptist Church, 12450 Clipper Drive or via Zoom. (Please check the Facebook page for where we will be having the meeting for that month)


All community members are invited to attend (homeowners and renters).  If you would like to be on the agenda, contact a board member two weeks in advance.


Contact the Board at


Board of Directors are voted in for 3 years, however “Officers” must be voted on every year.


President - Frank R.

Vice President - TBD

Treasurer - Constance L.

Secretary - Carlotta S.

At Large members:

Dr. Carl B.

Jermaine B.

Christina C.

Loren J.

Maura R.

Roger C.

Tiffany M.

David S.

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